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Cute Animal World 1.05

Published on 2. July 2012, by in Games.

The new version of Cute Animal Life is up on the Google Play store!

"Get Cute Animal Life for Toddlers on Google Play"

Hopefully everything works out okay and you can download the new version without problems. I’ve fixed several things and changed others. The app should be more responsive now. I’ve also included a new splash screen which loads faster than the old one. Hope you like it!

Most importantly, I’ve included the second scene. You can now explore the oceans! I’ve had problems creating fitting sounds for most of these animals, as most of them aren’t big talkers. But I think I’ve managed to create some really funny and/or cute ones. Would love to get your feedback on this!

As of now, the free part of the app is finished. Next up are three new scenes, which you will be able to buy for a small fee. Stay tuned! And meanwhile, why not download Cute Animal Life on Google Play and tell me what you think? :)


Cheers, Marcus

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